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LED Downlight Questions to Ask Before You Buy

The clean, smooth ceiling look of led downlights makes them popular in office entryways, lobbies, hallways and conference rooms. In homes, led downlights are common in kitchens and are often found in rooms throughout the house. When you want to buy led downlights, the following question you should to ask yourself.

Question 1: How satisfied are you with the brightness being provided by the existing downlight?
Is there to much light, not enough light, or it’s just right? Compare the LED lumen output or the LED equivalent wattage provided by the manufacturer to get the correct lighting level.
Use the color temperature specification for each downlight to adjust or keep the same. 2700K = warm white, 3000K - 3500K = white light similar to halogen, 4000K = bright white, 5000K = very bright white.

Question 2: What is the brand and model of the existing led downlight housing?
Manufacturers provide lists of compatible housings. Consult this list to make sure the LED downlight you buy will fit the housing.

Question 3: What is the aperture of the existing led downlight reflector?
Available apertures: 2”, 3", 4”, 5”, 6”, 8” and 10”.

Question 4: What is the voltage for your application?
Typically LED downlights are available in 120V, 100-277V, 220-240V. Obviously, you need a led downlight that works with your required voltage.

Question 5: Is there a standard socket to screw in the LED downlight or does it need to be hard-wired to the line voltage?

Question 6: Is the existing dimmer (if already installed) compatible with the LED downlight?
If the existing downlight is incandescent or halogen, the dimmer is likely “phase-cut”. If the existing downlight is CFL the existing dimmer is likely 0-10V dimming. If you want to use the existing dimmer it must by the right type of dimmer and compatible with LED.

Question 7: Does the existing downlight have special features such as an adjustable gimbal? How important are these features? Are they available in LED?

Answers to these question will guide you to the optimal LED downlight retrofit for your application. Also Goldsuno provides a wide range of led downlight fixtures, you can choose the best downlights for your house.