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3" Gimbal Downlight

Gimbal LED Downlights - Adjustable Gimbal LED Recessed Lighting

What is a gimbal downlight? Simply means to have the ability to move the downlight in different directions, the frame is adjustable to allow you to tilt the downlight in a direction you need. It supports 360° horizontal rotaion, you can switch lighting angles at will.

Goldsuno's Gimbal LED Downlight includes: 3 inch cob gimbal downlight, 4 inch cob and smd gimbal downlights (also 3000k 4000k 5000k 3cct tunable). They are ideal for higher ceilings or for focused area illumination. The CRI90+ highlights all your decorations with vivid and natural lighting. These Gimbal Downlights are compatible with the majority of LED dimmers on the market and can smoothly dim from 5% to 100%, allowing it to fit a wide range of lighting applications such as in kitchens, living rooms, hallways, stairways,bedrooms and bathrooms.