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The Maintenances Of LED Panel Light

Oct. 19, 2018

LED panel light is a kind of low-energy, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving light. It is widely used in life and become the most common kind of light in life. Some people often clean and maintain the light in order to clean the appearance, but in the maintenance process, some people will not pay attention to the precautions. What should the LED panel lights need to pay attention to during the maintenance process?

1. Power off, before cleaning the LED panel light, be sure to confirm that the power has been disconnected. If it is not disconnected, you need to turn off the power in time. The LED panel lights can only be cleaned in the event of a power failure.

2. Whether cleaning the fixtures or cleaning other items, you will always habitually wipe them with a damp cloth. In fact, this is not applicable to cleaning LED panel lights. The water stains left on the wet rag will stay on the surface of the luminaire. When the power is turned back on, it is easy to cause electric shock or short circuit, so be sure to wipe it with a dry rag.

3. Cleansers are good assistants when it comes to difficult to remove stains, but can it be applied to the cleaning of LED panel lights? After a period of use, the lamps will leave a lot of marks on the mosquitoes. These marks are difficult to clean. In order to achieve better cleaning results, some people use chemically corrosive things to clean them. This is a certain safety hazard. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not use a highly corrosive detergent or a liquid cleaning solvent.

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