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What Is Pwm Dimming?

Mar. 08, 2019

As Led Flat Panel Light Fixture Wholesaler, So let's continue what we did last time.

The other dimming working principle is to control the dimming function of the Adjustable Led Panel Light by controlling the output of current and voltage and frequency.

Led Flat Panel Light Fixture Wholesaler

Digital dimming, also known as PWM dimming, turns the LED on and off to change the on-time of the forward current to achieve the effect of brightness adjustment. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is a very effective technique for controlling analog circuits using the digital output of a microprocessor. It is widely used in many fields, from measurement and communication to power control and conversion and LED illumination. By digitally controlling the analog circuitry, the cost and power consumption of the system can be drastically reduced. In addition, many microcontrollers and DSPs already include a PWM controller on the chip, which makes digital control easier to implement.

The method is based on the fact that the human eye is not sensitive enough to the brightness flicker so that when the LED is loaded, it is bright and dark. If the frequency of light and dark exceeds 100 Hz, the average brightness is seen by the human eye, not the LED is blinking. PWM adjusts the brightness by adjusting the ratio of light to a dark time. In a PWM period, because the human eye flickers more than 100Hz, the perceived brightness is a cumulative process, that is, the proportion of bright time in the whole cycle. The bigger the person, the brighter the human eye feels.


In short, PWM is a method of digitally encoding analog signal levels. With the use of a high-resolution counter, the square wave occupancy ratio is modulated to encode the level of a particular analog signal. The PWM signal is still digital because, at any given moment, the full-scale DC supply is either completely or completely absent. The voltage or current source is applied to the analog load in a repeating pulse sequence that is either on or off. When the power is turned on, the DC power is applied to the load, and when the power is turned off, the power is turned off.

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