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Mistakes In The Purchase Of LED Panel Lights

Nov. 26, 2018

Recessed LED panel light has low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, long life and other advantages to win the consumer's favorite. Let us understand the misunderstanding of buying LED lamps!

1. According to your own needs, choose the brightness of the light. Don't just ask for the LED panel light with too high brightness. It wastes electricity and makes people feel uncomfortable, it will only be counterproductive.

2. Don't choose a LED lamp that is too fancy and has many functions, so the cost will increase accordingly. The practical application of the multi-function lamp is basically not used. When choosing LED panel lights, try to choose some simple LED lights, which will be more suitable.

3. Don't just care about the price of LED panel lights, even high-priced LED panel lights may have a virtual high component, but low-cost LED panel lights are even less secure.

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LED Panel Lights

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