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Led Top Light Module Compact

Mar. 01, 2019

Here is Square Led Downlights Factory talking about Led Top Light Module Compact. 

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The LED top light module helps greenhouse growers to switch from traditional light sources to LEDs to increase crop yield and quality and reduce energy consumption.

Led Flat Downlight

1. Efficient fill light solution

"Many greenhouse growers want to find an easy transition from existing traditional lighting to LED fill light and apply to exist greenhouse facilities to get high-yield, high-quality crops and predictable production.” I am pleased to have developed a truly efficient fill light solution that effectively reduces light occlusion without the need for active cooling, and greenhouse growers can easily enjoy all the advantages that LED fill light provides for hi-light crops."

2. Easy installation and cost-effective

Greenhouse growers can easily implement an overall replacement from high-pressure sodium lamp top lighting to LED top lighting, as well as a lighting system that combines high-pressure sodium lamps with LED top lighting. This product gives greenhouse growers great flexibility to increase the light intensity for specific crops and to expand the fill area without increasing power consumption.

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