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Structure Of The Led Slim Panel Light

Aug. 24, 2018

The LED slim panel light derived from the LED backlight has uniform light, no glare, and exquisite structure, which has been loved by many people.

The structure of the surface light source mainly includes the following materials:

Aluminum frame

Appearance structure, and main structure of LED heat dissipation - generally use AL6063, aluminum extrusion die, low initial cost input, beautiful surface treatment, good heat dissipation effect, there are manufacturers to start the frame of die casting, so the IP rating can be higher, and the light is sealed Better, overall good, but the cost of the previous investment in the mold is higher

Diffusion plate

The light of the light guide plate is evenly dispersed, and the function of blocking the mesh point is adopted. The diffusion plate generally uses the acrylic plate 2.0 or the PC material, and the cost of the acrylic material.

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led slim panel light

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