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Led Lighting Installations Must Pay Attention To 5 Major Issues

Mar. 02, 2019

Because of the durability, energy saving and better price of Flat Led Lights, LED lamps are now more and more popular among families. 

However, because LED lamps are rapidly emerging in the past two years, many people are still not very clear when purchasing. 

Need to pay attention to what problems, let's take a look.

Led Flat Panel Light

First, buy attention to the certification mark

For how to buy Led Flat Panel Light, consumers need to check whether the lamps have clear product trademarks and certification marks. The reporter learned that the current certification of lamps includes 3C certification, CE certification, UL certification, GS certification. Among them, the most common in China is the 3C certification and CE certification.

Second, check whether the Led Flat Panel information is complete

The quality of the trademarks of high-quality products is good, even if wiped with a soft damp cloth, it will not be easily rubbed off. we remind you to check whether the font/pattern of the mark is clear and variable, firm and wearable (cannot be wiped off), and the position is correct. The complete marking information of a luminaire should include the following aspects: 

1. Source (factory name, site, trademark, contact information);

2. According to the standard (implemented product standard, expressly promised indicator parameters);

3. Basic performance parameters --Description of equivalent replacement of incandescent lamp, including electrical parameters including working voltage, working current, power, harmonic current, etc.; optical parameters including luminous flux, luminous efficacy, beam angle, etc.;

4. color temperature and color rendering index; Light decay, etc.

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