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Led Lighting Installations Must Pay Attention To 5 Major Issues (2)

Mar. 04, 2019

3. Lighting the lamp to observe the color and heat dissipation

Relevant experts of the China Lighting Association pointed out that the quality of the product can be judged according to the color change of the Led Flat Panel Light and the heat dissipation. When the observation lamp is lit, the color changes. If it is changed from yellow light to white light in a short time, or white light turns into white light with blue color, experts do not recommend purchasing such a product. Experts pointed out that the color of the light should be consistent and not flashing.

After the Led Flat Panel Ceiling Lights is started, it can contact the surface temperature of the product to detect the heat dissipation of the product. 

High-quality Led Flat Panel Light Fixture is stable in 30 minutes. If the surface temperature of the product continues to rise within 1 hour, do not choose this product, because heat dissipation and other factors will affect the life of the product.

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4. The use of environmental requirements can not be ignored

The luminaire should also have specific environmental requirements, including the ambient temperature or range of the luminaire, and the specific operating temperature.

The product should also be marked with protection against electric shock, dust and solid clothing and waterproof rating. “The luminaire should also have instructions for using the installation.”Similar warning instructions and installation materials should not be ignored. For example, some lamps are only suitable for direct mounting on the surface of non-combustible materials.

5. Seeing the hand touch can also be shaken

After completing the above information inspection work, we also suggested that consumers feel the quality of the lamps by touching them by hand. Can I check if the appearance of the product is very rough? Is there a glue that is not cleaned up? Is there a screw to protrude the fixing plane? Does the color of the screw match the color of the case? Is there any sharp edges or scratches on the surface? He said that from the appearance point of view, good lamps are processed finely, the color is pure, the surface layer is good in integrity, the links of the parts have no flaws in appearance, and the dimensional consistency is good.

In addition to watching, Yang Zheng said that the luminaire should have a certain ability to resist external forces, so when buying a luminaire, you can use force to shake it to check whether parts are falling off or loose.

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