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What Is Led 0/1-10v Dimming?

Feb. 20, 2019

As Led Slim Panel Light Manufacturer, So let's continue what we did last time.

The other dimming working principle is to control the dimming function of the Flat Panel Light by controlling the output of current and voltage and frequency. 

 Led Slim Panel Light Manufacturer

0-10V dimming is also called 0-10V signal dimming. It is an analog dimming method. It differs from the thyristor dimming power supply in that it has two 0-10V interfaces on the 0-10V power supply (+ 10V and -10V), it controls the output current of the power supply by changing the voltage of 0-10V to achieve dimming. It is the brightest when 10V, and it is off when it is 0V. The 1-10V is only a 1-10V dimmer. When the resistance dimmer is adjusted to a minimum of 1V, the output current is 10%. If the output current is 100% at 10V, the brightness will be 100%. It is worth noting that it is better to distinguish that the 1-10V does not have the function of a switch, and the luminaire cannot be adjusted to the minimum closing function, while the 0-10V has the function of a switch.

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