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How To Judge The Quality Of LED Panel Light Power? 

Nov. 08, 2018

Do you know how to judge the quality of LED panel light power? We can identify the LED panel lights from the following points.

1. Driver chip

The center of the LED panel light power supply is the IC, and the quality of the IC directly affects the entire power supply. A bad IC will incur some inefficiency in the use of the drive power after a period of use.

2. Transformer

The center of the transformer is the core and the wire package. Core quality is the center of the transformer, but like porcelain, it is extremely difficult to distinguish. The simple external LED downlight view is distinguished as the appearance is crisp, dense and bright, and the back side is polished to the bottom.

The wire package is made of copper wire winding. The quality of the copper wire is the key to affect the life of the transformer. Use a lighter to extinguish it, and burn it quickly to be copper-clad aluminum. It is also possible to measure the resistance of the coil for identification.

3. Welding process

Manual welding and wave soldering process. It is well known that the quality of the wave soldering process in mechanized production must be better than manual soldering. Discrimination: Whether there is red glue on the back.

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