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How To Choose Flat Light?

Dec. 06, 2018

1.Material: Flat Panel Light using better quality are generally made of aluminum alloy, which is not easy to rust; The bulbs of normal incandescent lamps can easily be rusted by white iron.

2.Filament: A fantastic LED Flat Panel fixture is a dual tungsten wire. 

3.Brightness: To your own lamp, the lamp is a one-time powder coating. The brightness is uniform following power-on; the distinction is artificial powder, and the brightness is uneven.

4.Cost: Don't just buy cheap when purchasing lamps, because quality and cost are definitely proportional.

4. Certification: It depends upon whether it has a 3C certificate and its material is reviewed.

5. New and old: Novel products may not be mature in tech. Do not just pick the most recent ones when purchasing, and dismiss the old models.

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