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Factors Affecting The Life Of LED Downlights

Dec. 03, 2018

Why do some LED downlights have a long life and some LED downlights have a short life? Let us know what factors affect the life of LED downlights!

1. Chip quality

LED flat downlight illuminators are chips, different chips, the price and quality are very different. The high-quality LED chip has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, low-temperature rise, high color rendering index, high junction temperature and antistatic property. Inferior chips directly limit the service life of LED lamps.

2. The levels of protection

In general, lamps with a high degree of protection are more reliable.

3. Heat dissipation performance

Thermal performance is also an important factor that directly affects the life of the lamp. If the heat dissipation performance is not ideal, the heat energy of the lamp volume accumulation during the operation process cannot be evacuated in time, which will damage the LED chip and even the various components, resulting in the loss of the whole lamp in advance.

4. Drive power

In many cases, LED COB downlights have problems, and there is a high probability that the drive is faulty. The electrolyte inside the inferior driving power source will continue to be volatilized over time due to the influence of heat energy, and the premature aging of the lamp is early.

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