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The differences between SMD and COB LED downlights

Jun. 07, 2018

What is SMD (surface mount diode) LED downlight?

SMD LED downlights are more efficient than COB LED downlights because the light source produces higher lumens per watt, which means that they produce more light with a lower wattage.

They produce a wider beam of light which is spread over a greater area. This means that less material is needed for the heat sink, which in turn means that they are more economical. The manufacturing procedure to make them is more expensive as the SMD diodes (LED chips) are machine printed on a PCB board. Most domestic downlights use SMD LED’s. SMD downlights are covered with a frosted reflector which hides the LED chip array, and spreads the light evenly.

What is COB (chip on board) LED downlight?

A COB LED downlight consists of a single LED chip, mounted on the downlight, compared to an array of LED’s like an SMD. As the single cluster of LED’s are mounted in one point, they require greater cooling, so a larger heat sink, usually made of aluminium, must be mounted to dissipate the heat. As more material is required to manufacture a COB LED heat sink, this usually increases the cost slightly.

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The differences between SMD and COB LED downlights

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