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What Are The Industrial Construction Regulations For LED Panel Lights?

Sep. 17, 2018

 LED Panel Lights

Are you being asked to provide panel lights that comply with building regulations?

Construction regulations apply to new buildings, extensions to existing buildings and change of use that might affect the compliance of their construction. Building Regulations require that, in which the luminaire forms a portion of the inner ceiling lining of their construction, it has to limit the spread of flame above their surfaces.

Search for LED panel lights with flammability-rated diffusers.

If you're needed to provide panel lights which comply with building regulation BS 5266, that specifically relates to panel diffusers, LED panel lights with TP(a) and TP(b) flammability-rated diffusers may be installed with confidence.

A flammability-rated diffuser on a LED panel light will make all of the difference. A diffuser free of flammability score can melt in case of a fire, causing combustion on surfaces and endangering the security of the occupants in a building.

TP(a) flammability-rated diffusers

Panel lights using TP(a) rated diffusers, nevertheless, have a diminished burn off time as the diffuser substance self-extinguishes, with almost any fire or afterglow lasting five minutes or less after the fire is removed. There's not any limitation to the degree of usage of panel lights with TP(a) rated diffusers, so they may be set up in areas that need minimum spacing between every panel, for example, fire flow paths.

TP(b) flammability-rated diffusers

Panels with TP(b) rated diffusers may be utilized in open places, like the diffuser substance combusts, the spread of the fire will be no greater than 50mm per second. After installed, there are limits on complete area coverage and spacing between the panel lights.

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