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As a leading manufacturer of led recessed downligts, Goldsuno carries a huge selection of hot-selling downlights items, including flat panel led downlights, anti glare downlights, CCT dimmable downlights, led gimable downlights, commercial SMD downlights, commercial COB downlights, led linear downlights, led modular downlights and more.

Residential Downlights

Commercial Downlights

About LED Downlights

LED downlight is one of the most stylish and functional additions for your home or commercial space, and it is used more and more in both new construction and retrofit applications. Quality down lights not only provide a clean and polished look, but also they are energy efficient and last longer than ordinary bulbs.

Goldsuno Slim Panel LED Downlights Product Show, How to Install An Untra Thin Panel Downlight?

Three Important Factors When Buying LED Downlights

Product Size

4" and 6" downlights are the most common sizes found in residential homes, while 8" and larger items are more likely to be used in commercial lighting. So, when you are replacing an existing light fixture, you need to measure the hole or your existing fixture before making your purchase. Surface mount downlights can either be installed with a J-box as a flush mount, where the fixture is visible on the ceiling or installed in a larger size recessed housing.

Lumen & Color Temperature

Consider whether your space need a higher lumen light. In spaces where you want more light, please choose a high lumen light fixture and a higher wattage will usually give off more lumens. Consider what the space will be used for will help you pick the right color temperature. Lower Kelvin lights are warmer, giving off a yellow glow similar to incandescents or the glow from a fireplace. Higher Kelvin lights are a stark white or blue. This light is better for concentration, reading, and task lighting.