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Extension Cable for Slim LED Downlights

Goldsuno 5ft 10ft 15ft 20ft Extension Cable for Slim LED Downlights, Recessed Ceiling Light with J-box Interconnect Cord, UL Listed, Ultra-Thin Lighting Accessories, 2 Years WarrantyGet A Free Quote

Key Features:
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Model Number Style Dimensions(LxH)
JXL-150CM-DYX-00 150CM 22 AWG Wire/FT1 300V 5ft(150CM)
JXL-300CM-DYX-00 300CM 22 AWG Wire/FT1 300V 10ft(300CM)
JXL-450CM-DYX-00 450CM 22 AWG Wire/FT1 300V 15ft(450CM)
JXL-600CM-DYX-00 600CM 22 AWG Wire/FT1 300V 20ft(600CM)

Products Overview

Extension Cable for Slim LED Downlights
The extension cable is resistant to wear and corrosion thanks to the PVC material. This extension cable lets your downlights have the same output as downlights without the extension cable. The pure copper wire of the extension cable ensures spectacular conductivity.

Extension Cable for Slim LED Downlights Features:

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