Downlights are a lovely way to brighten up your home or commercial space. They are often small and recessed, making them convenient to place in any part of your home. Quality downlights not only provide a clean and minimalistic look, but also they are energy efficient and last longer than ordinary bulbs. Goldsuno is a reliable supplier of LED downlights, we have a huge selection of hot-selling recessed downlights, including: slim round and square panel lights, anti-glare downlights, 3CCT dimmable downlights, 360 gimable downlights, commercial SMD downlights, commercial COB downlights, modular downlights, linear downlights and more.

Residential Downlights

Commercial Downlights

What is a downlight, and what are the different kinds?

Downlights are a stylish recessed luminaire. They are installed in hollow openings, usually in ceilings, as they cast their light downwards.

Having a downlight fixture installed in a hollow recess makes the light appear to be part of the ceiling itself. This is opposed to suspended or wall lights which will hang down, or stay separate from the ceiling.

Downlights operate at mains voltage (220 Volts) or are powered by a transformer at low voltage (12 Volts). These low voltage lights are often given the acronym Extra-Low Voltage (ELV) or Safety Extra-Low Voltage (SELV).

Another, Fire rated downlights have built-in fire protection that seals the downlight if a fire breaks out in the room below. This will stop – or hinder – the spread of fire and smoke into other areas.

How to install a downlight? Here are some safety tips